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Staying Healthy in 2020

Sequoia Strong landing page on ipad with vegetables in the background

Our District has changed immensely in the last thirty years. What used to be a District made up of small towns is now a booming metropolitan area. Although we are now more electronically connected than ever, it can be difficult to find activities and services to stay active and healthy because there are so many choices, many of which are expensive. So how do we stay heathy and active in this era of electronic overload? 

It turns out that there is immense potential in our ever-changing District, because we can create technologies that bring healthy activities and services to our fingertips. Launched in 2019, Sequoia Strong is a free online directory that connects our community to local, affordable activities and services for all ages. Whether you are looking for fitness classes, mental health support, academic support, financial or job resources, Sequoia Strong™ is your one-stop-shop for trusted community activities and services. 

Sequoia Strong™ was designed for the needs of our local community. Due to rising mental health needs, the directory connects residents of all ages to affordable, trusted counseling and support services. To change the way that adults age in our community, Sequoia Strong™ connects Adults 50+ to social and volunteer opportunities, transportation, and nutrition resources. To assist up-and-coming professionals and adults who need assistance to make career shifts amidst the high cost of living, Sequoia Strong™ connects residents to career resources including trainings, education, and certificate programs.  

So how does it work? Visit, where you can choose an age group (Children, Teens, Adults, or Adults 50+) and then type what you are looking for into a search box (like a personal, localized Google), or choose from categories such as “Health Services” or “Fitness & Sports.” In addition, you can stay up to date on upcoming community events, and the Sequoia Healthcare District blog that covers a variety of health topics including How to Prepare for a Disaster, Boost Your Brain Power, and Happy Pets Happy People.

Thanks to Sequoia Strong, healthy living in 2020 is now more possible than ever for everyone in the District.