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Our Impact

Making a Difference in Our Community


 By The Numbers
May contain: wood, plywood, people, person, clothing, shorts, boy, child, male, architecture, building, house, housing, and porch

Number of school children benefiting annually from our Healthy School Initiative Program


May contain: patient, person, and massage

Number of life-saving AEDs provided in our District


May contain: clothing, glove, person, adult, female, and woman

Number of residents served by community partners providing food assistance


May contain: clothing, glove, adult, male, man, person, architecture, building, and hospital

Number of residents receiving health services through community grants program


How we Measure Our Impact
  • We track how many residents we and our partners serve.
  • We learn about how we have improved the lives of the people we have served.
  • We ask our partners to measure their success through performance tools.