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Season to Thrive

family eating holiday dinner

The holidays are right around the corner. As the leaves fall and the joy of the season fills the air, we have the tips that will have you feeling energized and ready to take on anything the season brings.

  1. Organization is key
    • You may notice that your calendar begins to fill up quickly during the holidays. Block out time as far in advance as possible for workouts/exercise. Adding workouts to your calendar helps keep you accountable and serves as a great reminder so you never miss a workout.
    • Additionally, we recommend carving out some time for rest and self-care to avoid burnout and combat the effects of stress/exhaustion. Prioritize keeping a regular sleeping schedule to help you re-energize.
  2. Consistency
    • Once you schedule exercise into your calendar, it is crucial that you remain consistent. Remember that it is better to do part of a workout than none at all. Try to automate your routine by planning ahead. For example, make Wednesdays walk day, Sundays family hike day, etc.
  3. Small changes = big results
    • If you struggle to find time in your day to exercise, look for ways to incorporate it into your daily routines. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or walk/bike close distances instead of driving whenever possible. Put on your favorite music at home and dance while preparing dinner or folding laundry. Get creative and remember to have fun.
  4. Food is energy
    • The season would not be complete without the delicious foods that accompany it. Our recommendation for the holiday season is to focus on balance. Start with your grocery list. There are many seasonal fruits and vegetables that you can enjoy including sweet potatoes which have many nutritional benefits along with being delicious.
    • Portion size is equally as important as what is on your plate. Find more guidance on this topic here and here.
    • The right foods will help you tackle whatever the day brings. The CDC has you covered with 5 Healthy Eating Tips for the Holidays
  5. Get your vaccines
    • Don’t forget to stay up to date with your vaccines. Schedule your flu shot and COVID boosters so you can gather safely. Find the latest on flu vaccines here and local covid vaccines here.

On behalf of the Sequoia Healthcare District, we hope you have a healthy holiday season. For more tips, check out our older entries.