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Healthy Holiday Survival Tips

food at the dinner table for the holidays

While the holidays are a fantastic time of year to spend time with family and friends, they also tend to be a time of eating a mound of food at the dinner table (followed by dessert). These healthy holiday survival tips will help you to enjoy special treats while avoiding the urge to over-indulge.  

1) Avoid skipping meals, and never arrive to a party hungry. When you skip a meal and arrive to a party hungry, you are far more likely to indulge in everything in sight. Instead, eat a healthy protein snack beforehand like nuts or cold cuts, and prioritize which foods at the party that you’d really like to enjoy. 

2) Suck on mints while you are cooking or already full to avoid over-eating. 

3) Take advantage of holiday shopping. Park at the far end of the parking lot or take the stairs instead of the escalator to get more steps in your day. 

4) Plan a holiday scavenger hunt. Planning a scavenger hunt in your yard is a great way to get everyone moving and excited about the holiday. 

5) Take a walk. Invite friends, family, or your pet to go for a stroll around the block after a meal. 

6) Incorporate healthy side dishes like green beans or sweet potatoes (without the marshmallows). 

7) Let the games begin! Instead of sitting around the fire all day and evening, try throwing around a frisbee, playing catch, or starting a family game of volleyball. 

8) Go easy on the toppings. A scoop of whipped cream or gravy can add a significant number of calories to your plate. 

9) Watch the mixed drinks. Drinks that have juices, punch, or soda can easily triple your sugar intake. 

10) Take time for yourself. Holidays can be stressful. Be sure to take time for yourself, even if that means taking a quick walk around the block or soaking in a hot bath when evenings with family and friends come to an end. 

In addition to these tips, stay healthy through the holidays with local activities and services. Find fitness classes, drop-in sports, and more on Sequoia Strong, your free online directory to local activities and services. 

Our District cities are celebrating the holidays with several free, family friendly events. Keep up to date on what’s happening near you on our events page.

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Happy Holidays from Sequoia Healthcare District!