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EIC Grants

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EquityInnovation, and Collaboration are the foundational cornerstones of our work and, as such, comprise 3 of the 5 strategic areas of our 2023-25 strategic plan (the two other areas are Communication and Advocacy). Community-based organizations and non-profits with innovative programs that bring collaborative partnerships to address health equity are encouraged to apply for an EIC grant. 

While we encourage grantees to apply for Caring Community or HSI grants, we acknowledge there may be special circumstances where an applicant may require flexible funding that falls outside of the parameters of the regular grant cycles. EIC grants are grants that fall outside of the typical grant cycles for any of the following scenarios:

  •   an emergency grant to address an urgent situation
  •   a "mini-grant" of less than $25,000 along with a shorter cycle
  •   a multi-year grant or grant above $200,000 that requires approval by the Board
  •   the grantee has already maxed out their 2 grants within the Caring Community and HSI grant programs
  •  an innovative pilot program that brings collaborative partnerships to address health equity

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