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Celebrating Mental Health Month

A conference room with attendees and a speaker presenting on "Depression in the U.S." at a Rotary Club event.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month! We are fortunate in San Mateo County to have a wide array of mental health resources available to our residents to help you and/or someone you know. As we close out the month, we want to share some local resources offered to our community year-round so that we can continue to promote mental health during May and beyond. 


Did you know that 988 is a 3-digit dialing code that connects you to the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline? Since July 16, 2022, 988 supports individuals in a suicidal crisis or emotional distress in the United States. It is available 24/7.

If you prefer to contact local crisis lines directly, the Behavioral Health and Recovery Services’ Access Call Center is available 24/7, toll free at (800) 686-0101. Furthermore, the StarVista Crisis Hotline is also available 24/7 at 650-579-0350. 

For more resources visit 

Mental Health Partners You Should Know 

  • Adolescent Counseling Serivces's Outlet Program 
    • Outlet provides LGBTQIA+ mental health counseling services, social groups, therapy groups, consultations and resource referrals, GSA support and education and training. Learn more about Outlet at 
  • Cora - Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse 
    • CORA provides intimate partner abuse awareness, crisis intervention, housing & advocacy, family centered mental health, LGBTQ+ services, legal services, prevention and outreach for our community. 
  • Downtown Streets Team 
    • Downtown Streets Team provides unhoused neighbors and people at risk of experiencing homelessness with access to case management, system navigation, and employment placement services. 
  • Family Connections 
    • Family Connections provides groups, classes, support and mental health services for families in our community. 
  • Friends for Youth 
    • Friends for Youth provides 1-to-1 Mentoring for youth ages 8-17, group mentoring in small groups with mentors and staff during the transition between middle school and high school and coordinates the Whole Health for Youth Initiative's joint mental health trainings and wellness programs for youth, parents and program staff. 
  • Kara 
    • Kara provides grief support, crisis intervention and education to individuals and communities grieving a death or facing a terminal illness. 
  • LifeMoves 
    • LifeMoves provides behavioral health services for homeless families and individuals as they return to stable housing and self-sufficiency. 
  • One Life Counseling Center 
    • One Life Counseling provides low-cost mental health care in the form of individual and group therapy, community-based programs and school-based programs. 
  • Peninsula Bridge 
    • Peninsula Bridge provides academic programming, personalized advising, and 1:1 mentorship for students from 4th grade until college graduation. 
  • StarVista 
    • StarVista hosts a yearly Mental Health Matters 5k run/walk. Additionally, they provide early childhood and school-based services, youth and community empowerment services, wellness and recovery services and crisis services. 
  • Upward Scholars 
    • Upward Scholars provides financial, academic, career development, and holistic support to adults with economic hardship so they can transition from adult schools to community colleges (attend part-time) and gain economic mobility. 
  • Whole Health for Youth Initiative 
    • Whole Health for Youth Initiative is a coalition made up of Friends for Youth, RWC PAL, One Life Counseling and Siena Youth Center focused on addressing youth mental health issues in and around Redwood City. 

Self-care Tips 

Promoting self-care is always on trend. Below are some suggestions to kick off or add to your current self-care routines: 

  • Take a daily walk 
    • Studies have shown a correlation between physical activity and a reduction in symptoms of depression and anxiety. Take a quick 20-minute walk a day to get your body moving and get some fresh air. 
  • Fuel your body 
    • Food provides energy. Consuming more fruits and vegetables can help you feel your best while also providing you with the nutrients necessary to power you through the day. 
  • Get enough sleep 
    • Our bodies recover from the stresses of the day as we sleep. Find a complete list of the recommended hours organized by age here.
  • Have an outlet 
    • Find a hobby that works for you to help you recenter: 
      • listen to calming or happy music 
      • pick up knitting or pottery 
      • watch a feel-good show or movie 
      • read 

We hope you find these resources and tips helpful. If you want to read more, please visit our main blog page where you can find a comprehensive list of health topics.