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7 ways to help you ditch screens for better sleep

shutting off phone

Did you know sleep is strongly connected to your overall health? Sleep gives your body time to re-energize. Yet in our digital age, it can be difficult to get good quality sleep. If you struggle to give up your smartphone at night, we’ve got 7 ways to help you ditch screens. 

  1. Check your usage data 
    1. The first step towards changing a habit is understanding why. Checking your usage data can give you important insight into how you are spending time on your phone and what areas you may be able to cut back on before bed. 
  2. Put your phone on “Do not disturb” 
    1. The incoming sounds from messages and calls can keep you alert before bed so in order to avoid distractions put your phone on the “Do not disturb” setting or download an app that will help you block out sleep time. 
  3. Turn on night mode 
    1. In your settings, change your phone to night mode. Light exposure before bed can significantly influence your quality of sleep. Avoid harsh lighting when moving around at least an hour before you plan to go to sleep and wear blue light glasses if you are unable to switch the light mode on your phone. 
  4. Out of sight, out of mind 
    1. Place your phone in a different room or store it away from your bed where it will be out of reach. Avoid placing electronics like TVs in your room as well. Try to make it as inconvenient as possible to have access to electronics at night. 
  5. Grab a book 
    1. Read a book before bed or opt for another off-screen activity. Get creative and have fun crafting a personalized nighttime routine.  
  6. Don’t use your phone as an alarm 
    1. Use an alarm clock or better yet create a sleep schedule that will help you create clearer boundaries between your time and your phone. 
  7. Turn off your phone 
    1. The surest way to stay off your phone is to turn it off. This may prove to be difficult but the benefits of a restful sleep both short term and long term will have you thanking yourself you did. 

Shutting off screens in this digitally connected world can be challenging. However, we hope these tips will help you find balance so you can have a more restful sleep. Also, make sure to follow us on social media @shealthdistrict for more helpful tips and information.