Community Giving


Caring Community Grants

Each year, SHD provides grants through our competitive Caring Community Grants program, ranging from $10,000 to 1o0,000 to local non-profits that offer health services to District residents. For the 2018-19 grant cycle, 50 grants totalling $2.4 million were awarded to community agencies.

SHD Board of Directors approves Priority Funding Areas based on current and projected community health needs and variable funding resources. A Grants Review Committee consisting of local leaders knowledgeable in areas of community health read all applications and make recommendations for funding.

Grantees are required to make mid-year and end-of year reports detailing how they used funds to positively impact the health of District residents. 

Healthy Schools Initiative Grants

SHD provides one-year competitive grants to community-based organizations to support health programs in local school districts. Our Healthy Schools Initiative grants provides funding for programs that address a wide range of important health areas. These health areas include: social emotional support services, preventive education/health screening, physical education/activity, and nutrition education.

School-based Grants

For the school year, SHD awarded 25 grants totaling $610,000 to agencies to work in approximately 50 schools in the 8 local school districts.

Mini Grants

The Mini Grants are awarded on a rolling basis to fund students and/or teachers with student-centered health and wellness projects that can be implemented in the class-room or school wide. We are always looking for new innovative programs to fund!